Gathered at the Upper Delaware Council’s Feb. 4, 2016 meeting were, seatedVice-Chairperson Jeff Dexter (Damascus), Chairperson Fred Peckham (Hancock), and Secretary-Treasurer Alan Henry (Berlin).

Standing from left to right were: Aaron Robinson (Shohola), Steve Tambini (Delaware River Basin Commission), Zoriana Gingold (Lumberland), Andy Boyar (Highland), Susan Sullivan (Tusten), Bill Rudge (State of New York), Debra Conway (Highland), Kristina Heister (National Park Service), Tony Ritter (Tusten), Larry H. Richardson (Cochecton), Tim Dugan (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania), David Dean (Deerpark), Jeff Haas (Highland),  Jim Greier (Fremont), and Harold G. Roeder, Jr. (Delaware).

Absent were representatives from Westfall and Lackawaxen.

New York
Municipality Representative Alternate
Town of Hancock Fred J. Peckham Kathy Judd
Town of Fremont James A. Greier George Conklin, Supervisor
Town of Delaware Harold G. Roeder, Jr. David Peters
Town of Cochecton Larry H. Richardson Sean Nearing
Town of Tusten Susan Sullivan Tony Ritter
Town of Highland Jeff Haas, Supervisor Debra Conway & Andy Boyar
Town of Lumberland Leigh Sherman Zoriana Gingold
Town of Deerpark David M. Dean Virginia S. Dudko
Municipality Representative Alternate
Berlin Township Alan Henry Paul Henry
Damascus Township Jeffrey Dexter Steve Adams, Supervisor
Lackawaxen Township Tom Cardinale, Supervisor Judy Kuhn Conklin
Shohola Township Aaron Robinson Pat Jeffer, 1st Alt.
George J. Fluhr, 2nd Alt.
 Westfall Township Michael Barth Vacant
State of New York
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
  Representative Alternate
William J. Rudge
Region 3 Natural Resource Supervisor
Michael J. Flaherty
Region 3 Inland Fisheries Manager
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  Representative Alternate
Timothy Dugan
District Forester DCNR
Rhonda Manning
River Basin Program Coordinator, PA DEP
Delaware River Basin Commission*
  Representative Alternate
Steven Tambini, Executive Director
National Park Service**
  Representative Alternate
Mike Caldwell, Regional Director
NPS – Northeast Region
Kristina Heister, Superintendent
Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River Unit


  *Non-voting member
**Federal partner